Media commentators/analysts with ties to defense contractors and other firms with an interest in US foreign policy.

Government Bodies

Govt Body People
US Department of Defense Stephen J Hadley
US Department of State Stephen J Hadley
United States Air Force Michael V Hayden
US Army Jack Keane
National Security Council Stephen J Hadley
Office of the Director of National Intelligence Michael V Hayden
Central Intelligence Agency Michael V Hayden
National Security Agency Michael V Hayden
White House Office Stephen J Hadley
Tower Commission Stephen J Hadley
Defense Policy Board Jack Keane
White House Iraq Group Stephen J Hadley
United States Institute of Peace Stephen J Hadley
United States Military Academy - West Point Jack Keane
Office of Under Secretary for Political Affairs R Nicholas Burns
North Atlantic Council R Nicholas Burns
The United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (USAICoE) James A "Spider" Marks