People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Oregon Republican Party $10,500 Joseph Gonyea
Obama Victory Fund $10,250 Connie Ballmer
Oregon Senate 2004 $10,000 Joseph Gonyea
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $10,000 Connie Ballmer
Murray Victory Fund $10,000 Connie Ballmer
Greg Walden $9,900 Peter Bragdon, Joseph Gonyea
Washington State Democratic Central Committee $9,600 Connie Ballmer
Barack Obama $9,600 Connie Ballmer
Patty Murray $7,800 Connie Ballmer
George W Bush $7,000 Connie Ballmer, Joseph Gonyea
Holding Onto Oregon's Priorities $7,000 Joseph Gonyea
Dave Reichert $6,700 Connie Ballmer
John Boehner $6,664 Joseph Gonyea
Oklahoma Leadership Council $5,300 Joseph Gonyea
Vermont Republican Federal Elections Committee $5,300 Joseph Gonyea
Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee $5,300 Joseph Gonyea
Idaho Republican Party $5,300 Joseph Gonyea
Maria Cantwell $5,250 Connie Ballmer, Peter Bragdon
John Edwards $5,100 Peter Bragdon
Reichert-Washington Victory Committee $5,000 Connie Ballmer