People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Jessica S Lappin $175 Anthony D Weiner
Karen Koslowitz $175 Anthony D Weiner
Clarence Norman Jr $160 Yvette Diane Clarke
George S Latimer $100 Anthony D Weiner
Westchester Right To Life PAC $100 Joseph J Dioguardi
Joseph Golombek Jr $100 Brian Higgins
Kevin S Parker $100 Yvette Diane Clarke
Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. $100 Yvette Diane Clarke
Joseph M Giglio $100 Amory Houghton Jr
Ray Walter $100 Jack Quinn
Edward A Rath III $99 Jack Quinn
Tim Kennedy $99 Jack Quinn
Paul Stuart Wasserman $0 Joseph J Dioguardi
Richard Versace $0 Herbert H Kohl
Truth in Leadership Committee $0 Ami Bera
Elizabeth Holtzman $0 Jon S Corzine
William Tong $0 Ted Lieu
International Franchise Association Franchising Political Action Committee Inc. $0 John Calvin Fleming Jr
Linda Colvin Rhodes -$120 Samuel G Coppersmith
United Seniors Assn -$300 Trent Franks