billionaires who run Trump's government - 2017 Newsweek article
People on this list have the most positions in the following organizations.


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Company People
Gruntal & Co., L.L.C. Carl Icahn, Stephen Feinberg
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Stephen Schwarzman, Richard S LeFrak
Blockbuster Inc. Carl Icahn
The Western Union Company Carl Icahn
Vornado Realty Trust Steven Roth

Government Bodies

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Govt Body People
United States Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross
President Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum Stephen Schwarzman
Trump Economic Advisory Council Steven Roth

Other Organizations

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Org People
The Partnership for New York City, Inc. Steven Roth, Stephen Schwarzman, Richard S LeFrak, Wilbur Ross
Palm Beach Civic Association Stephen Schwarzman, Wilbur Ross
The Business Council Stephen Schwarzman, Stephen Feinberg
Core Club Steven Roth, Stephen Schwarzman
Business Roundtable Stephen Schwarzman, Wilbur Ross