Obama Healthcare Summit Invitees
People who were invited to the 2009 Obama Healthcare Summit
People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
National Republican Senatorial Committee $20,000 Jeffrey B Kindler, Billy Tauzin
Pfizer Inc. PAC $15,039 Jeffrey B Kindler
Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America Better Government Committee $15,000 Billy Tauzin
Federation of American Hospitals PAC $12,948 Charles N Kahn III
Mark R Warner $8,500 Jeffrey B Kindler
Orrin Hatch $7,750 Jeffrey B Kindler, Billy Tauzin, Charles N Kahn III
Barack Obama $7,300 Jeffrey B Kindler
Chuck Schumer $6,400 Jeffrey B Kindler
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $5,500 Jeffrey B Kindler, Billy Tauzin
Diane Goss Farrell $5,200 Jeffrey B Kindler
National Republican Congressional Committee $5,000 Jeffrey B Kindler
Joe Lieberman $5,000 Jeffrey B Kindler, Charles N Kahn III
Forward Together PAC $5,000 Jeffrey B Kindler
Louisiana Health Care Group Employee Federal Political Action Committee Inc $5,000 Billy Tauzin
Nancy Lee Johnson $4,027 Charles N Kahn III, Karen Ignani
Congressional Majority Committee $4,000 Charles N Kahn III
Sherrod Brown $3,500 Charles N Kahn III
Chris Dodd $3,300 Jeffrey B Kindler
John S. McCain III $3,100 Charles N Kahn III, Charles E M Kolb
Judith Feder $3,000 Charles N Kahn III