Kavanaugh Clerks
People who clerked for Brett Kavanaugh
People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Mitt Romney $6,150 John Bash, Travis Lenkner, Christopher G. Michel, Porter Wilkinson
Hillary Clinton $5,137 Gregory Dubinsky, Indraneel Sur
Jerry Moran $3,000 Travis Lenkner
George Allen $2,500 Porter Wilkinson
Kevin Yoder $2,500 Travis Lenkner
Tom Delay $2,000 Zina Bash
George W Bush $2,000 Zina Bash
Barack Obama $1,715 Indraneel Sur
Seth Moulton $1,500 Hagan Scotten
Jackson Eaton $1,000 Indraneel Sur
Romney Victory $900 John Bash, Porter Wilkinson
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $815 Indraneel Sur
Lynn Jenkins $750 Travis Lenkner
Mitch McConnell $700 Justin Walker
Anne Meagher Northup $500 Jennifer Mascott
Ted Cruz $500 John Bash
Tom Cotton $500 Travis Lenkner, Hagan Scotten
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $460 Gregory Dubinsky, Indraneel Sur
Democratic National Committee $420 Gregory Dubinsky
Republican National Committee $250 Zina Bash