People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Johns Hopkins University $1,800,000,000 Michael Bloomberg
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health $1,120,000,000 Michael Bloomberg
Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative $100,000,000 Carlos Slim HelĂș
Sierra Club Foundation $80,000,000 Michael Bloomberg
Independence USA PAC $49,486,689 Michael Bloomberg
Priorities USA Action $17,506,693 George Soros
House Majority PAC $16,642,975 Michael Bloomberg, George Soros
Results In Education Foundation $10,695,769 Michael Bloomberg, Laurene Powell Jobs
Michael Bloomberg $8,000,000 Michael Bloomberg
Senate Majority PAC $7,600,000 Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Laurene Powell Jobs
American Bridge 21st Century $4,380,000 George Soros
Planned Parenthood Votes $4,150,000 Michael Bloomberg, George Soros
Women Vote! $3,846,250 Michael Bloomberg, George Soros
Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund $3,693,553 Michael Bloomberg
Fund for America $3,500,000 George Soros
Yes on 1240: Washington Coalition for Public Charter Schools $3,150,000 Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates
Swift Boat Vets and Pow's for Truth $3,000,000 T Boone Pickens
Win Justice PAC $3,000,000 George Soros
Clinton Family Foundation $2,900,000 Hillary Clinton
Moveon.Org Voter Fund $2,511,000 George Soros, Laurene Powell Jobs, Barbra Streisand