Republican Donor Network of Wisconsin
Billionaires and millionaire conservative donors in WI
Wealthy donors of WI as measured by political donation frequency, amount, and recipient.
People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Club For Growth Action $12,240,000 Richard Uihlein
Restoration PAC $9,675,000 Richard Uihlein
Americas PAC $7,530,000 Richard Uihlein
Freedom Partners Action Fund $5,000,000 Diane Hendricks
Solutions for Wisconsin $3,500,000 Richard Uihlein
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund $3,490,000 Richard Uihlein
Republican National Committee $3,394,275 Edward J Zore, Diane Hendricks, Russ Darrow, Richard L Wilkey, Dick Strong, Richard Uihlein, Albert Nicholas, Agustin A Ramirez, Kathleen MacDonough, Robert J Hillis, Gerald Couri, Judith Couri, Paul Stahlberg
CFG Action Wisconsin $2,500,000 Richard Uihlein
Citizens for Rauner, Inc. $2,355,300 Richard Uihlein
Unintimidated PAC $2,280,000 Diane Hendricks, Russ Darrow, Richard L Wilkey, Richard Uihlein, Robert J Hillis
Our Principles PAC $2,007,500 Richard Uihlein
Keep The Promise $2,000,000 Richard Uihlein
CFG Action Missouri $2,000,000 Richard Uihlein
Liberty Principles PAC Inc $1,905,000 Richard Uihlein
Senate Conservatives Action $1,875,000 Richard Uihlein
Wisconsin Next PAC $1,500,000 Diane Hendricks
John Bolton Super PAC $1,200,000 Richard Uihlein
Trusted Leadership Pac $1,000,000 Richard Uihlein
Remember Mississippi $750,000 Richard Uihlein
Madison Project Inc. $734,650 Richard Uihlein