Top Political Donors in Buffalo
Drawn from OpenSecrets data on federal political contributions, 1989-2009. There may be some duplicate name issues, especially in the case of fathers & sons. Rankings are also still in process.
People on this list have the most positions in the following organizations.


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Company People
M&T Bank Corporation Brent D Baird, Reginald B Newman II, Robert E Sadler Jr, Robert G Wilmers
Gibraltar Steel Corporation Robert E Sadler Jr, Gerald Lippes, Brian J Lipke
Delaware North Robert E Sadler Jr, Jeremy Jacobs Sr, Louis M Jacobs
Paul William Beltz PC Paul William Beltz, Stephen Foley
The Hamister Group, Inc. Mark E Hamister, Gerald Lippes

Government Bodies

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Govt Body People
Empire State Development Corporation Robert G Wilmers, Howard A Zemsky, Mark E Hamister, Anthony Gioia
Erie County IDA Howard A Zemsky, Dennis M Penman, Mark E Hamister
Erie County Council on Economic Development Leslie Zemsky, Brian J Lipke, Robert L Stevenson
New York State Council on the Arts Dennis M Penman, Gerald Lippes
Western New York Regional Economic Development Council Howard A Zemsky, Robert D Gioia

Other Organizations

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Org People
Buffalo Niagara Partnership Robert G Wilmers, Howard A Zemsky, Louis P Ciminelli, Dennis M Penman, Gary M Brost, Mark E Hamister, Robert D Gioia, Brian J Lipke, Richard A Snowden, Paul Koessler
Albright-Knox Art Gallery Louis P Ciminelli, Charles Banta, Gerald Lippes, Frederick Pierce II, Leslie Zemsky, Brian J Lipke, Anthony Gioia, John R Yurtchuk
University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc. Sal H Alfiero, Jeremy Jacobs Sr, Mark E Hamister, Gerald Lippes, Francis M Letro, Louis M Jacobs, Frank L Ciminelli
The Buffalo Club Luke Jacobs, Dennis M Penman, Gary M Brost, Robert D Gioia, Charles G Jones, Jr, Richard Gioia
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Luke Jacobs, Anthony J Colucci Jr, Louis P Ciminelli, Dennis M Penman, Robert D Gioia, John R Yurtchuk