People on this list have received money from the following people and organizations.

Common Donors

Donor Total People
Albert C Zapanta $3,500 Thomas C Leppert, Bert K Mizusawa
Barron Hilton $3,500 Mark A Robbins, Thomas C Leppert
Arthur D Mason $3,500 Stephen Earle Buyer
Patrick Durkin $3,500 William Manger, Christopher Bancroft Burnham
Kenneth H Cooper $3,500 Thomas C Leppert
Richard M Cashin $3,500 Christopher Bancroft Burnham, Thomas C Leppert
Randall Tobias $3,300 Stephen Earle Buyer
Harvey Auerbach $3,100 William Manger
Sidney Taurel $3,000 Stephen Earle Buyer
Pete Schenkel $3,000 Thomas C Leppert
Steve Forbes $3,000 Christopher Bancroft Burnham
Scott G. Fossel $3,000 Christopher Bancroft Burnham
Brian Higgins $3,000 William Manger
Henry M Buhl $3,000 William Manger
Donald B Marron $3,000 William Manger
Victor D Almeida $3,000 Thomas C Leppert
Mallory Factor $3,000 William Manger
Charles J. Urstadt $3,000 William Manger
Richard L Thornburgh $3,000 Christopher Bancroft Burnham
Thompson Dean $3,000 William Manger