Possible energy and climate advisors to President Hillary Clinton
People who have been mentioned as potential energy cabinet picks and as top green donors to her campaign
People on this list have the most positions in the following organizations.


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Company People
Corridor Partners Bill Roberts, Kathleen Welch, Antha N Williams
Goldman Sachs Tom Steyer, Lawrence H Linden
Morgan Stanley Tom Steyer
Merrill Lynch Carl Ferenbach III
Apple, Inc. Ben Kobren

Government Bodies

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Govt Body People
White House Office John Podesta, Carol Browner, Heather Zichal
US Senate Mark Udall, Mark Begich
Environmental Protection Agency Carol Browner, Mary Nichols
Obama-Biden Transition Project John Podesta, Carol Browner
Energy & Environmental Policy Working Group Carol Browner, Heather Zichal

Other Organizations

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Org People
Center for American Progress Tom Steyer, John Podesta, Carol Browner, Peter Ogden
League of Conservation Voters Carol Browner, Bill Roberts, Kathleen Welch
Democratic Party Mark Udall, Mark Begich
Resources for the Future Daniel C Esty, Lawrence H Linden
The Hamilton Project Tom Steyer, Mark T Gallogly