Denver Blueprint Task Force
Denver area business leaders and bureaucrats who give input to Denver's long term planning process for land use and transportation
People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Barack Obama $12,364 Jesse Adkins, Roger Armstrong, Tim Baldwin, Trinidad Rodriguez, Jeff Walker
Rick Odonnell $2,500 Kent C Veio
Michael Bennet $2,350 Tim Baldwin, Trinidad Rodriguez
Rudy Giuliani $2,300 Kent C Veio
Thomas Lee Strickland $1,200 Kent C Veio, Parry Burnap
Democratic National Committee $1,125 Tim Baldwin
Electing Women PAC $1,000 Mary Beth Susman
Ed Perlmutter $750 Kent C Veio
John Tony Salazar $750 Tim Baldwin
Ken Salazar $500 Trinidad Rodriguez
Leslie Danks Burke $500 Mary Beth Susman
George W Bush $500 Kent C Veio
Elizabeth Warren $500 Tim Baldwin
Colorado Democratic Party $352 Parry Burnap
Richard Shelby $250 Kent C Veio
Bob Beauprez $250 Kent C Veio
Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Committee $250 Kent C Veio
Mark Kennedy Shriver $250 Kent C Veio
Jesse L Thomas $250 Kent C Veio
Andrew Romanoff $250 Roger Armstrong