Government Bodies

Govt Body People
New York State Executive Department Andrew Cuomo, Robert Duffy
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Andrew Cuomo
City of Buffalo Peter Cutler
Office of the New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo
State of New York Mortgage Agency William J Mulrow
New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation William J Mulrow
New York State Public Service Commission Andrew Cuomo
Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation Peter Cutler
New York Power Authority Gil C Quiniones
New York City Industrial Development Agency Gil C Quiniones
City of Rochester Robert Duffy
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York William J Mulrow
United Nations Development Corporation William J Mulrow
Regional Economic Development Councils Robert Duffy
Fort Schuyler Management Corporation Alain E Kaloyeros
SUNY Polytechnic Institute Alain E Kaloyeros
Special Commission on Judicial Compensation William J Mulrow
New York State Housing Finance Agency William J Mulrow
County of Westchester Industrial Development Agency William J Mulrow