People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Museum of Science & Industry $125,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
Norton Museum of Art $20,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
Citizens for Rauner, Inc. $15,563,890 Kenneth Griffin, Ronald J Gidwitz, Richard Uihlein, Jack Roeser
Club For Growth Action $12,240,000 Richard Uihlein
Ounce of Prevention Fund $10,000,000 Sam Zell
University of Chicago Crime Lab $10,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
Restoration PAC $9,675,000 Richard Uihlein
Americas PAC $7,530,000 Richard Uihlein
Conservative Solutions PAC $5,100,000 Kenneth Griffin
Ron DeSantis $5,016,000 Sam Zell, Kenneth Griffin, Richard Uihlein
Turnaround Illinois $4,250,000 Sam Zell, Bruce Rauner
Congressional Leadership Fund $3,535,000 Sam Zell, Kenneth Griffin, Ronald J Gidwitz
Solutions for Wisconsin $3,500,000 Richard Uihlein
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund $3,490,000 Richard Uihlein
Restore Our Future PAC $3,155,000 Sam Zell, Kenneth Griffin, Bruce Rauner, Ronald J Gidwitz
Republican National Committee $2,939,670 Sam Zell, Kenneth Griffin, Bruce Rauner, Ronald J Gidwitz, Richard Uihlein
American Crossroads $2,700,000 Sam Zell, Kenneth Griffin
CFG Action Wisconsin $2,500,000 Richard Uihlein
Senate Leadership Fund $2,350,000 Sam Zell, Kenneth Griffin
Ending Spending Action Fund $2,200,000 Kenneth Griffin, Richard Uihlein