Research Groups

Name Analysts Description
Tracking Philadelphia Energy Solutions 18 Tracking and uncovering the reach of the Carlyle Group
NYC Power Analysis 16 Mapping the power networks of NYC
Inside the Obama Administration 14 Compiling accurate and up-to-date information on all Obama administration insiders.
Map the Fed 12
Colorado Power Research 12 Mapping the corporate and political power structure in Colorado
Privatising public education 11 Watchdogging the major corporations behind education privatisation in the UK
Temple Watch 11 Investigating the ties between Temple University and Wall St.
UB Watch 11 A research group investigating governance and policy at the University at Bufalo (SUNY-Buffalo).
UO Watch 11 Investigating the ties between University of Oregon and Wall St.
SURJ Rural Research 11 Tracking the power networks that support and benefit from the militia movement
Shadow Gov: Finance and Regulation 10
UC Watch 9 Investigating the ties between Wall Street and the University of California
New York City Public Space 7 Research group investigating public space governance in NYC
Who rules GMU? 7 Investigating the powers that be at George Mason University
DC Research Collective 7 Tracking power in the DC area
Election 2016 6 Tracking the field of 2016 presidential candidates and their networks
New York State Economic Development Watch 5 Keeping an eye on New York State's multi-billion dollar economic development program.
UVA Watch 5 research group investigating UVA governance crisis
Who Rules Macalester? 5 Investigating the ties between Wall Street and Macalester College
The Public Memory of Baltimore 5 A Power Research group fully mapping the relationships between the Baltimore City government, state legislative actions & any connected private/public entities.