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Booz Allen Hamilton

By the end of the 2013 fiscal year Booz Allen Hamilton reported $5.76 billion in revenue, 99 percent of which came from government contracts, and boasted a win rate of more than 89% on re-competed contracts. Yet Booz's lobbying activity totals a scant $40,000 since 2002.  Booz’s lack of lobbying and complete dependence on federal contracts implies deeper entrenchment than the standard backroom handshakes and rolodex rattling. By mapping Booz’s relationships with the intelligence community, maintained stable of former and current officials, embedment in the military structure, and high-exposure participation on public-private partnerships, a complex influence strategy emerges – one that hinges on removing the revolving door in favor of seamless integration into the intelligence community and its revenue stream. Read more...

Carlyle Group

Private equity firm The Carlyle Group recently announced that it was bringing on former Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski as a managing director and partner in its buyout group. As well-connected hires go, Carlyle couldn’t do much better than Genachowski; a friend and basketball buddy of Obama since his Harvard Law Review days, he led the Obama campaign’s 2008 internet fundraising strategy and became a campaign bundler. Now Genachowski is free to use his weighty influence to identify and gobble up tech, media, and telecommunications companies with Carlyle’s latest US buyout fund, valued at $13 billion.  Read more...

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