A global strategy firm led by Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger and Warren Rudman
Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) is a global strategy firm that helps corporations, associations and non-profit organizations around the world meet... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Albright Stonebridge Group have made donations to
Wesley K Clark $4,000 Anthony Harrington, Donald Gips
George H W Bush $4,000 Harry W Clark, Thomas J Donohue Sr, H P Goldfield
Steptoe and Johnson LLP Political Action Committee $4,000 Richard Verma
Kathleen A McGinty $4,000 Carol Browner
Democratic Executive Committee of Florida $3,999 Sandy Berger, Alan H Fleischmann, Suzanne A George, Anthony Harrington
Democratic Party of Virginia $3,900 Anthony Harrington, Alan H Fleischmann, Michael Warren, James Robert Jones, Sandy Berger, Suzanne A George
Democratic Party of Wisconsin $3,864 Michael Warren, Anthony Harrington, Sandy Berger, Alan H Fleischmann, Suzanne A George
Tom Harkin $3,750 James Robert Jones, Carol Browner
Timothy J Ryan $3,700 Alan H Fleischmann
National Republican Senatorial Committee $3,500 H P Goldfield, Carlos Gutierrez
Thomas H Allen $3,300 Carol Browner, Madeleine K Albright
Byron Dorgan $3,250 Madeleine K Albright, Anthony Harrington, Carol Browner
Doris Okada Matsui $3,250 Sandy Berger, Wendy R. Sherman, Carol Browner, James Robert Jones
Iowa Democratic Party $3,220 Suzanne A George, Anthony Harrington, Michael Warren, Sandy Berger, Alan H Fleischmann
Chuck Hagel $3,100 Harry W Clark
Cory Booker $3,100 Alan H Fleischmann, Michael Warren
Bob Kerrey $3,000 Harry W Clark, Madeleine K Albright
Lindsey Graham $3,000 Thomas J Donohue Sr, H P Goldfield
Nita M Lowey $3,000 Madeleine K Albright, Sandy Berger, Carol Browner
Henry Waxman $3,000 Sandy Berger