Semiconductor and Microchip manufacturer
People Have Given To
People with positions in Intel Corporation have made donations to
Patrick Leahy $18,900 Craig R Barrett, Peter Detkin, Paul S Otellini, John J Donahoe, Bruce Sewell, John Doerr
VMWare Inc $18,405 Patrick P Gelsinger
John Kerry $18,250 Andrew S. Grove, James G Cullen, Charlene Barshefsky, John Doerr, Alice Borrelli, David S Pottruck, Les Vadasz, Reed E Hundt, John L Thornton, Frank D Yeary
George Allen $18,200 Craig R Barrett, Jenifer Verdery, James G Cullen, Michael C Maibach, Paul Misener
Charles Schwab Corporation Political Action Committee $18,000 David S Pottruck, David B Yoffie
Carly Fiorina $17,275 Paul S Otellini, Mark A Stevens, Craig R Barrett, Michael C Maibach
California Republican Party/V8 $16,000 Arthur Rock, Mark A Stevens, Paul S Otellini
Dscc Non-Federal Individuals $15,500 John Doerr
Paul Ryan $15,000 Carol A Bartz
Straight Talk America $15,000 David S Pottruck
Longhorn PAC $15,000 Carol A Bartz
DCCC-E Non-Federal Account 5 $15,000 John Doerr
WE Vote - Nosotros Votamos - Ppamm Committee $15,000 Andrew S. Grove
Intellectual Ventures $15,000 Peter Detkin
Harry Reid $14,800 Carol A Bartz, Peter Detkin, John Doerr
Dick Durbin $14,700 John Doerr, Peter Detkin
Jon Kyl $14,374 Greg Slater, Craig R Barrett
Arlen Specter $13,500 Carol A Bartz, Peter Detkin, John Doerr, David S Pottruck, Arthur Rock, Andrew S. Grove, James G Cullen
Investment Company Institute Political Action Committee (Ici PAC) $13,500 David S Pottruck
Martha McSally $13,100 Craig R Barrett