Semiconductor and Microchip manufacturer
People Have Given To
People with positions in Intel Corporation have made donations to
Washington Senate 2012 $71,600 Peter Detkin
Romney Victory $71,098 Michael C Maibach, Paul S Otellini, Paula Tolliver, Frank D Yeary, Patrick P Gelsinger, Mark A Stevens
Ebay Inc-Committee for Responsible Internet Commerce $65,000 John J Donahoe, Robert Holmes Swan
Hillary Victory Fund $60,307 Peter Detkin, Susan Wojcicki, Diane M Bryant, Charlene Barshefsky
Hillary Clinton $59,550 Peter Detkin, David S Pottruck, Susan L Decker, John L Thornton, Susan Wojcicki, Charlene Barshefsky, Reed E Hundt, Diane M Bryant, Alice Borrelli, Paul Misener, John Doerr, Risa J Lavizzo-Mourey
Technology Network (Technet) Federal PAC $53,500 John Doerr, Carol A Bartz, Andrew S. Grove
Anna Eshoo $52,400 Arthur Rock, Roomy Khan, John Doerr, Carol A Bartz, Craig R Barrett, David S Pottruck, Andrew S. Grove
Dcccc Non-Federal Account 7 $50,000 John Doerr
Dianne Feinstein $46,249 Craig R Barrett, Andrew S. Grove, Arthur Rock, Carol A Bartz, Paul S Otellini, John Doerr, David S Pottruck
National Republican Congressional Committee $40,000 Craig R Barrett, Paul S Otellini
Joe Lieberman $36,400 Andrew S. Grove, Michael C Maibach, Craig R Barrett, Arvind Sodhani, David S Pottruck, Peter Detkin, John Doerr, Arthur Rock
National Venture Capital Association Venturepac $36,387 John Doerr, Aneel Bhusri
Ron Wyden $35,650 Brian M Krzanich, Paul S Otellini, John Doerr, Charlene Barshefsky, Alice Borrelli, Diane M Bryant, Arvind Sodhani, Andy D Bryant, Andrew S. Grove, Eric Dishman
Google Inc. Google Netpac $32,200 Susan Wojcicki
Jeff Flake $32,000 Craig R Barrett, Paul S Otellini
Barbara Boxer $30,900 Peter Detkin, Carol A Bartz, Andrew S. Grove, John Doerr
Yahoo! Inc. Political Action Committee $30,000 Susan L Decker, Carol A Bartz
Bill Foster $29,600 Peter Detkin
Democratic White House Victory Fund $28,500 Reed E Hundt
Maria E Cantwell $28,300 Andrew S. Grove, Charlene Barshefsky, Donald Whiteside, Craig R Barrett, Paul Misener, Peter Detkin, John Doerr