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Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Museum of Science and Industry Chicago also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
The Field Museum Michael J Sacks, David B Speer, Michael Tang, Miles D White, Michael W Ferro Jr, Alejandro Silva, John Canning Jr, Larry Richman, Glenn F Tilton, Ronald J Gidwitz
Merrick Ventures Michael Tang, William J Devers, W James Farrell, Michael W Ferro Jr, J Christopher Reyes, John F Sandner, Miles D White, Andrew J McKenna, John Canning Jr
Northwestern University David J Vitale, John Canning Jr, William A Osborn, Miles D White, Edward M Liddy, David B Speer, Michael W Ferro Jr
Commercial Club of Chicago W James Farrell, Jay L Henderson, Miles D White, Andrew J McKenna, Frank M Clark, William A Osborn, Deborah DeHaas
University of Notre Dame Arthur R Velasquez, J Christopher Reyes, Ann Claire Williams, William M Goodyear, Andrew J McKenna, John F Sandner
Chicago Community Trust Michael W Ferro Jr, John Canning Jr, Timothy Maloney, Jesse H Ruiz, Michael Tang, Frank M Clark
The Executives' Club of Chicago David B Speer, Larry Richman, John Canning Jr, Frank M Clark, Glenn F Tilton, Deborah DeHaas
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago Timothy Maloney, Alison L Chung, W James Farrell, Jay L Henderson, Deborah DeHaas, Andrew J McKenna
Abbott Laboratories William A Osborn, Edward M Liddy, Miles D White, W James Farrell, Glenn F Tilton
McDonald's Corporation Miles D White, Andrew J McKenna, Walter E Massey, Richard H Lenny, James A Skinner
Illinois Tool Works Inc. James A Skinner, Robert S Morrison, David B Speer, Richard H Lenny, Michael J Birck
American Enterprise Institute Ronald J Gidwitz, Richard M Jaffee, Richard H Lenny, Robert S Murley, Barry L MacLean
Chicago Club David B Speer, Miles D White, J Christopher Reyes, John Canning Jr, Jay L Henderson
The Art Institute of Chicago Michael J Sacks, David J Vitale, Eric Lefkofsky, Barry L MacLean, Walter E Massey
Walgreen Co. Alejandro Silva, Gregory D Wasson, James A Skinner, William C Foote
The Allstate Corporation J Christopher Reyes, Thomas J Wilson, Edward M Liddy, W James Farrell
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Thomas J Wilson, William C Foote, John Canning Jr, Miles D White
Leadership Greater Chicago Frank M Clark, Jesse H Ruiz, Martin Cabrera, David J Vitale
A Better Chicago William A Osborn, David J Vitale, W James Farrell, Andrew J McKenna
Campaign for Creative Schools J Christopher Reyes, James S Crown, David J Vitale, Eric Lefkofsky