People Have Given To
People with positions in The Charles Schwab Corporation have made donations to
Republican Victory Fund $53,700 Charles R Schwab
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $50,250 David S Pottruck, Marjorie Magner, Lawrence J Stupski, Donald G Fisher
Progress for America Voter Fund $50,000 Charles R Schwab
Citigroup Inc. Political Action Committee - Federal/State $46,400 Peter K Scaturro, Marjorie Magner
George W Bush $42,800 William F Aldinger III, Stephen T McLin, Frank C Herringer, Charles R Schwab, Nancy H Bechtle, Carrie E Dwyer, Roger O Walther, Donald G Fisher, Jeffrey Maurer, Lawrence J Stupski, C Preston Butcher, Robert N Wilson, Deborah D McWhinney
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $42,800 Charles R Schwab
Nancy Pelosi $41,600 David S Pottruck, Donald G Fisher, Nancy H Bechtle, Lawrence J Stupski, Roger O Walther
Solidarity PAC $39,250 Donald G Fisher, Lawrence J Stupski
Intel Corporation Political Action Committee $39,000 David S Pottruck, David B Yoffie
Ayotte Victory Committee $38,400 Charles R Schwab
Dianne Feinstein $34,089 Nancy H Bechtle, Roger O Walther, Donald G Fisher, David S Pottruck, Lawrence J Stupski, Charles R Schwab
PAC to the Future $34,000 Donald G Fisher, Lawrence J Stupski, Nancy H Bechtle, Rebecca Saeger, Roger O Walther, David S Pottruck
Investment Company Institute Political Action Committee (Ici PAC) $32,000 Lawrence J Stupski, David S Pottruck, Charles R Schwab
Hillary Clinton $31,400 Peter K Scaturro, Paula A Sneed, Marjorie Magner, David S Pottruck
Mitt Romney $31,400 William F Aldinger III, Charles R Schwab, Deborah D McWhinney, Donald G Fisher, Geoffrey C Gradler, Condoleezza Rice
Majority Committee PAC--MC PAC $28,133 Charles R Schwab
National Retail Federation Retailpac $27,500 Donald G Fisher
Winning Women 2016 $27,000 Charles R Schwab
GOP Victory Fund 2014 $26,500 Charles R Schwab
Norm Coleman $26,200 William F Aldinger III, Charles R Schwab, Donald G Fisher