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People Have Given To
People with positions in Club for Growth have made donations to
John Bolton Super PAC $300,000 Harlan Crow, John W Childs
Trusted Leadership Pac $300,000 John W Childs
Heartland Institute $290,000 Jerry Hayden
Congressional Leadership Fund $250,000 John W Childs
Keep the Promise PAC $250,000 John W Childs
Keep The Promise $250,000 John W Childs
Arizona Republican Party $218,000 Jerry Hayden
Right to Rise USA $214,870 Richard Gilder, John W Childs, Harlan Crow
Club for Growth PAC $154,800 Thomas L Rhodes, Howard S Rich, Richard Gilder, David L. Keating, Jackson T Stephens, Jon Lerner, Frayda Levin, Ken Blackwell, Jerry Hayden, John W Childs
James Demint $153,000 Howard S Rich, Frayda Levin, David L. Keating, John W Childs, Richard Gilder, Jackson T Stephens, Thomas L Rhodes, Jerry Hayden
Common Sense in America LLC $150,206 Jackson T Stephens
Fighting For Ohio Fund $150,000 John W Childs
Stand for Truth $150,000 John W Childs
Nrsc Targeted State Victory Committee $140,000 Harlan Crow
Pat Toomey $118,100 Thomas L Rhodes, Jerry Hayden, Jackson T Stephens, Harlan Crow, Howard S Rich, Frayda Levin, Richard Gilder, John W Childs, David L. Keating, Stephen Moore
Coalition For Public Charter Schools PAC $110,000 Richard Gilder
Freedomworks for America $110,000 Jerry Hayden
Freedom PAC $100,000 John W Childs
Campaign for Primary Accountability Inc $100,000 Eric O'Keefe
Conservative Solutions PAC $100,000 Harlan Crow