People Have Given To
People with positions in The Asia Society have made donations to
National Republican Congressional Committee $820,600 Leon D Black, Maurice R Greenberg, David A Coulter, Thomas K Montag, Henry Cornell, Stephen Schwarzman, John C Whitehead, Hushang Ansary, Ronnie C Chan
Trump Victory $686,900 Stephen Schwarzman, Hushang Ansary
Democratic National Committee $639,550 Marvin S Traub, Charles P Rockefeller, Richard C Holbrooke, Hamid Biglari, Betsy Z Cohen, Thomas E Freston, John L Thornton, Clifton R Wharton Jr, Gregory J Fleming, John S Wadsworth Jr, James Wolfensohn, Richard Plepler, Leon D Black, Charles R Kaye, Jay Rockefeller, Lewis B Kaden, Chong-Moon Lee
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill $500,000 David Rubenstein
Priorities USA Action $500,000 Chong-Moon Lee
Senate Majority PAC $450,000 Jay Rockefeller, Leon D Black
Mitt Romney $433,350 Charles R Kaye, Henry Cornell, Maurice R Greenberg, Harold McGraw III, David A Coulter, Henrietta Holsman Fore, Leon D Black, John C Whitehead, John D Negroponte, Hushang Ansary, Stephen Schwarzman, Thomas K Montag, Ronnie C Chan, Ajay Banga
Barack Obama $405,300 Charles R Kaye, Marvin S Traub, Hamid Biglari, James Wolfensohn, Gregory J Fleming, Charles P Rockefeller, Henry Cornell, Thomas E Freston, Richard Plepler, Richard C Holbrooke, Clifton R Wharton Jr, Jay Rockefeller, John L Thornton, Lewis B Kaden, Chong-Moon Lee, Thomas K Montag
New York Republican State Committee - Reporting $289,600 Hushang Ansary
Texans Are PAC $250,000 Hushang Ansary
DNC Non-Federal Unincorporated Association Account $230,000 Leon D Black, Chong-Moon Lee, Jay Rockefeller
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $204,000 Lewis B Kaden, Leon D Black, Chong-Moon Lee, Jay Rockefeller
Restore Our Future PAC $200,000 Henry Cornell, John C Whitehead
John S. McCain III $162,450 Maurice R Greenberg, Thomas K Montag, Thomas E Freston, Ronnie C Chan, Leon D Black, Stephen Schwarzman, Henrietta Holsman Fore, John C Whitehead, William R Rhodes, Hushang Ansary, David A Coulter
Protect the House $158,500 Stephen Schwarzman, Hushang Ansary
Hillary Victory Fund $145,000 James Wolfensohn, Ajay Banga
John Kerry $144,350 Lewis B Kaden, Richard C Holbrooke, Richard Plepler, David Rubenstein, Jay Rockefeller, Thomas E Freston, Vishakha N Desai, James Wolfensohn, John L Thornton, Betsy Z Cohen, Ronnie C Chan, Charles P Rockefeller, Leon D Black
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $136,400 Hushang Ansary, Stephen Schwarzman
Hillary Clinton $120,700 Tracy R Wolstencroft, Leon D Black, Henry Cornell, John C Whitehead, Richard Plepler, Charles P Rockefeller, Richard C Holbrooke, Chong-Moon Lee, Thomas E Freston, Lewis B Kaden, James Wolfensohn, Jay Rockefeller, Hamid Biglari, Ajay Banga, John L Thornton
Citigroup Inc. Political Action Committee - Federal/State $106,388 William R Rhodes, Hamid Biglari, Lewis B Kaden, Ajay Banga