Data Summary

2,807,382 Citations
953,297 Relationships
158,161 Persons
54,957 Business Persons
48,614 Organizations
18,182 Businesses
11,728 Lobbyists
11,248 Academics
8,261 Political Candidates
7,636 Political Fundraising Committees
5,442 Lawyers
4,758 Public Officials
3,857 Private Companies
3,602 Elected Representatives
2,947 Schools
2,829 Other Not-for-Profits
2,638 Government Bodies
1,991 Public Companies
1,984 Individual Campaign Committees
1,667 Media Personalities
1,623 Other Campaign Committees
1,594 Philanthropies
1,402 Lobbying Firms
912 Membership Organizations
619 Couples
401 Law Firms
396 Industry/Trade Associations
226 Policy/Think Tanks
186 Political Parties
173 Cultural/Artses
131 PACs
110 Public Intellectuals
94 Consulting Firms
77 Media Organizations
64 Public Relations Firms
63 Professional Associations
58 Labor Unions
44 Social Clubs
39 Government-Sponsored Enterprises
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Signing up

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Adding a person

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Adding a relationship

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Huffington Post Investigative Training

Huffington Post Training Video from Erin Heaney on Vimeo. Revolving Door How-to

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