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John Wilton This article by Joseph Stiglitz on the IMF policies is interesting. Stiglitz time at the World Bank overlapped some with Wilton's.

Research here will be difficult. Stiglitz notes (p. 115) "The IMF holds that transparency could undermine its effectiveness..."


John Wilton (on Berkeley Endowment mngmt co board) is also Vice Chancellor at UCB of Administration and Finance, meaning he's in charge of 'Operational Excellence', the late cuts program. He was CFO at World Bank for over 2 decades, worked in Bulgaria & Indonesia in 80s & 90s.

Would be interesting to see World Bank's educational / privatization policies in those countries under his tenure, but that data is harder to find.

John Wilton is Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, of the UC Berkeley Campus. Wilton brings extensive experience in both the public and private sector, including almost 25 years at the... more »

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