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Alice M Rivlin was a previous director of Ryder System, which in Q3 2011 lobbied around corporate tax reform, the 2012 Budget and Revenue Proposals, the American Jobs Act, and tax incentives for natural gas powered vehicles. This may be in conflict with her membership on the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.


Alice M Rivlin was a previous boardmember of NYSE Euronext, which in Q3 2011 lobbied extensively around the Budensome Data Collection Relief Act (removing requirement for securities to submit compensation data to SEC), the Access to Capital for Job Creators Act (allowing issuers of securities that are not registered with SEC to solicit and advertise to the general public), against the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (in response to extreme corporate irresponsibility in the wake of Enron), the Private Company Flexibility and Growth Act (changing the threshold for certain companies who have to register with SEC from $1M to $10M), the Small Company Capital Formation Act (exempting securities with $5M - $10M aggregate offerings from SEC regulation), Dodd/Frank financial regulation, regulation of publicly traded companies, and the Deutsche Borse and NYSE merger.This may be in conflict with her membership on the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.


Alice M Rivlin: "I think he's in a very interesting, challenging, difficult situation at the moment," says Alice Rivlin, former head of the Congressional Budget Office and a Democrat who has partnered with Ryan on a Medicare overhaul.

"He likes to work across party lines. On the other hand, he's quite strongly committed to. a very limited safety net and small government," says Rivlin, a scholar at the Brookings Institution. "If that was all he had to articulate. he's very good at it. But it isn't. He's also budget committee chair, and he's going to have to be trying to help pull (people) together so we can get this (budget) problem solved." What Rivlin is talking about is the tension between taking sides in a great debate and governing.

"His chairman role may bump up against his House Republican leadership role," she says.


Alice M Rivlin: While the U.S. could reach the debt ceiling as early as Monday, financial experts say they don't expect a panic on Wall Street just yet.

"Nothing blows up next week, but the clock is ticking now," said Alice Rivlin of the Brookings Institution told Reuters new service. "We need to get on top of this problem."


Alice M Rivlin: "It actually doesn't make much sense to have a debt ceiling. If we were running our fiscal affairs more responsibly, we wouldn't need one. However, we have it and right now it may be a useful tool to force the decisions on the longer run debt that need to be made."

Alice M. Rivlin is a visiting professor at the Public Policy Institute of Georgetown University and a senior fellow in the Economic Studies Program at Brookings. She directs Greater Washington... more »

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