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Types Person, Public Official, Academic
Legal Name Lawrence Henry Summers
Birthplace New Haven, CT
Date of Birth Nov 30 '54
Gender Male
Aliases Lawrence Henry Summers
Lawrence Summers
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Larry Summers: "There's room for reasonable arguments about where budgets should go. There's not room for reasonable arguments about the possibility of default," said Harvard economist Lawrence H. Summers, who also headed the US Treasury in the Clinton administration and chaired the National Economic Council for President Obama.

"Those who would propose to seriously entertain default are the equivalent of those who would invite children to play with dynamite, gasoline, and matches," he said.


Linda Robertson, former Enron lobbyist and assistant to Rubin and Summers at Treasury, became a senior adviser to the Fed in July. She's advising on "strategic planning and day-to-day issues involving their interactions with the Congress".

Summers, an economist and Treasury Secretary from 1999-2001, is currently the Director of the National Economic Council in the Obama Administration.
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