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Aliases Chamber of Commerce of the USA
United States Chamber of Commerce
US Chamber of Commerce
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Industries Chambers of commerce

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce "U.S. Chamber of Commerce beating Tea Party in Republican races" The chamber and American Crossroads, a group founded by Karl Rove, spent $2.5 million in North Carolina


US Chamber of Commerce Interesting piece.

"The chamber spent more than $144 million on lobbying and grass-roots organizing last year, a 60% increase over 2008, and well beyond the spending of individual labor unions or the Democratic or Republican national committees."


Curious that the US Chamber of Commerce's main environmental policy analyst Bill Kovacs used to work for Sunshine Makers (who manufacture the Simple Green line of products) and has a history on Capitol Hill working to enact environmental law. I guess he'll say whatever @entity:3128[Thomas Donohue] tells him to ...


Interesting interlocks on the boards at National Chamber Foundation and Center for International Private Enterprise, both non-profit arms of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


analysts!! i'm looking for some helping collecting political $ data on the Chamber of Commerce board, as part of this effort:

Drop a line if you're interested. Thanks!

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