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@kevin if you want to set up a group for the peace bridge stuff, that would be awesome!

From a retiring SEC-er: "Kidney said his superiors were more focused on getting high-paying jobs after their government service than on bringing difficult cases. The agency’s penalties, Kidney said, have become 'at most a tollbooth on the bankster turnpike'."

Goldman Sachs Investigation

Happy to be in the group. I have worked for art institutes who is owned by Goldman.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education -- A list of members of an underground fraternity for financiers who are or were trustees of American colleges:

Ethel Kennedy Ethel Kennedy had 11 children. She grew up as one of seven children. So her children have many, many cousins....

Temple Watch @brynnc @unangst Noticed some PA foundations in this report about the influence of grantmakers in the privatization of public ed I wonder if Temple trustees are connected to Sarah Scaife Foundation, Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives, or Allegheny Institute for Public Policy.

Higher One Holdings, Inc.'s Miles Lasater said in "an interview with the New Haven (Conn.) Independent that half of its revenues – about $88 million in 2011 – come from fees it charges to account holders."

One Percent Watch I would love to help on this if anyone is still interested. I am a former wealth researcher from the New York Public Library.

hey all - I'm making a firefox addon that appends names and brands with their corporate owners. Could anyone point me to a list/database that has ordered congress members with their corporate backers?

@CajunLawyer thanks for alerting us about David Dismukes! (the latest Charles Groat)

@whit @unangst Temple Watch added some new trustees and found some detailed profiles from the faculty herald that I'm in the process of adding in.

@unangst Never a bad idea to follow the lawyers...
How about you @brynnc, any interesting finds? Temple Watch

@whit @unangst Temple Watch

I'm mostly finding connections to secondary organizations, like law firms connected to financial institutions.

Who rules Ohio State? Robert H Schottenstein was a director at Huntington Bancshares while an OSU trustee. OSU has a relationship with Huntington around student ID debit cards.

Temple Watch Hey @unangst, are you finding any interesting links between Temple trustees and Wall Street firms?

Good Energies Foundation is linked to Bregal Energy, which changed its name from "Good Energies" around the time it started investing in natural gas.

Satoshi Nakamoto "The truth is boring" Forbes review of the Newsweek article providing details of the man credited for developing Bitcoin.

Who rules GMU? Trustee James A Meriwether appears from his political donations to have been with Enron accounting firm Arthur Anderson when it still existed.