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@c99x may want to pursue this linkage for Deborah Quazzo

Served as Board Chair for Paintbrush Ball in 2012, press release included notable guests such as Amy Rule and others.

Take Back Chicago

Not sure how to to do this, but there is a potential relationship in schools between Henry Bienen and Deborah Quazzo of the Chicago BoE. Bienen was a professor of political science there in 1981 while Deb Quazzo was a student of history.

Take Back Chicago hi! I just joined at Ben Lorber's request. Last fall, I researched the Chicago Board of Education members extensively, so I will posting those connections. On a high level: all roads lead to Penny Pritzker. I'm sure that's not a surprise.

Take Back Chicago just joined and excited to contribute. still learning the ins and outs of creating content on here. Not sure if I created this correctly:
Any tips would be appreciated.

MacArthur Foundation Fellows Profiles of 2014 recipients of "genius grants" have been added to this list - bringing the total to more than 900 since this program began in 1981. MacArthur Foundation

Hey Take Back Chicago, my name is Rob and I'm a research analyst at PAI/LittleSis. I put together this map of the players in the recent story about the Pritzkers making a ton from the construction and leasing of the Chicago FBI field office and thought you might be interested.

The map is here:

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@WileECoyote - Hi, not sure if you're an Admin but I incorrectly added an Owner relationship between Forest City Enterprises, Inc. and Forest City Stapleton. Pretty sure it should be a Child Organization (so I added that relationship). Unfortunately, I don't have permission to delete the Owner relationship I created.Forest City Enterprises, Inc.

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Take Back Chicago

Hey y'all! I've been doing some research on the Board of Commissioners for the Chicago Housing Authority. There are a lot of relationships between board members and big energy corporations. Does anyone know where to find up to date information about public agency contracting?

Take Back Chicago

Hi all-- I have found something potentially interesting. Two construction firms- Powers and Sons Inc and Brown and Momen Inc have both given tens of thousands of dollars to the aldermen/women that represent Hyde Park, Bronzeville, Woodlawn, and South Shore. Check out the pages I created for them/their donations and see if it is of interest to you.

@mr.chem Thanks! I'll add him to the Wells Fargo/Higher Ed map:

US Tennis Association Unfortunately, this article could have been written about many of the sports oriented non-profits - "Tennis Association Funds Go to Board Member Projects"

Gregg W Steinhafel CEO at top ten IL Child Care Assistance Program subsidized employer (#3)

Michael T Duke CEO at top ten IL Child Care Assistance Program subsidized employer (#2)

Donald Thompson CEO at top ten IL Child Care Assistance Program subsidized employer (#1)

Gregory D Wasson CEO at top ten IL Child Care Assistance Program subsidized employer (#5)