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National Security Agency Talking heads who have been "backstopping" the NSA, while cashing large checks from the agency's largest corporate contractors

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Michael P Honer Michael P Honer previously ran Huron Recovery which was driven into bankruptcy by its creditors in 2006. Around the same time that he was voted out of his leadership position at Huron he started Geiter Done, which now receives large sums of money from the city of Buffalo for demolitions. For more information see the Buffalo news article titled "The wrecking crew" in the sources section of the profile.Huron RecoveryGeiter Done of WNY

Charles VanEppsAlthough, Charles VanEpps is categorized under sales and support on the official Regional Environmental Demolition website, several sources that were not reliable/primary enough to cite in littlesis seem to indicate that he has a more significant leadership role, perhaps as a partner to Enrico D. Liberale.Enrico D LiberaleRegional Environmental Demolition Inc

Joseph R Russo declared chapter 13 bankruptcy while doing business as P and J Construction Company Inc In 2002. Joseph R RussoP and J Construction Company Inc

Ellen Shareef
Ellen Shareef the owner of Amir's Vision faced legal problems because she did not pay workers prevailing wages at Amir's Vision. C & R Abatement & Construction, INC. may be the same company under a different name. Ellen Shareef's husband, Jabril Shareef faced similar legal problems involving his company, Shareef Enterprises Inc.
Shareef Enterprises INC.Amir's VisionC & R Abatement & Construction, INC.Jabril Shareef

Tom Toporczyk, William Denton, and Tina Lopez, all of Topor Contracting, plead guilty to charges related to falsifying pre-demolition asbestos surveys. Here's the link to the source.

Tom ToporczykWilliam DentonTina LopezTopor Contracting

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-- that was NYU's Board of Trustees (not NYU Langone, the hospital).

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There is some overlap in Real Estate in the Board of Trustees for NYU Langone, specifically, William Rudin and Larry Silverstein.

(Other Trustees are either big in the Law Firm or Finance worlds.)

Hannah demolition used to be Topor Contracting. Albert Steele renamed the company when he took it over from Tom Toporczyk.
Hannah DemolitionTom ToporczykAlbert SteeleTopor Contracting

Battaglia demolition is currently being investigated by the DEC as a result of complaints from residents in the Seneca Babcock area about dust and noise pollution. Here's a link to the article:
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Battaglia Demolition

When I was looking for the ownership info for the Hadala Corporation I noticed something a bit unusual. According to the New York State Department of corporations entry for the Hadala Corporation it "became inactive" or "merged out" in 2003. It seems odd because the Hadala Corporation received a CDBG funds in 2014. Hadala Corporation City of Buffalo CDBG recipients for year ending June 20, 2014

I found an article saying that Albert Steele the owner of Hannah demolition was named the "Erie County Legislature’s Citizen of the Month for February 2015" by Legislature Betty Jean Grant. The article also said that Albert Steele supported the Winslow Ave. Block Club Council. From the article, I suspect that Albert Steele is either a member of the Winslow Ave. Block Club, or serving on the council. Although, because this is never actually stated, I did not create a formal relationship. I've added a link to the original article here:

Albert SteeleHannah DemolitionBetty Jean Grant