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This would make a great addition to the Election 2016 map page. Jeb Bush's biggest PAC donors finally revealed:

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Stan Jones

was Indiana state rep and Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education

Jeb Bush's biggest rival in the Goldman money chase is his fellow Floridian, Sen. Marco Rubio. Rubio's campaign snagged just over $60,000 from Goldman Sachs. And Rubio has a Goldman insider hitting up his own network of wealthy friends for contributions. One of the three registered lobbyists bundling donations for Rubio is Joe Wall, a vice-president for government affairs at Goldman Sachs. Wall has so far reported bundling more than $90,000 for Rubio. More:

Kelly Huston
From Huston's Cal OES bio page: "Prior to the Governor’s office, Kelly served as the Vice President of Corporate Communications & Marketing for a Northern California real estate & land development corporation with a multi-million dollar marketing budget and over $2 billion in total company sales transactions annually." But they do not specify the name of this corporation.

Keith Forster

From Forster's bio page at Witt | O'Brien's: "Prior to the formation of ERST/O’Brien’s, Mr. Forster worked extensively in the oil and gas industry, concentrating his efforts primarily in auditing and financial reporting."

Mylan Inc. Early this year, generic drug maker Mylan merged with a Dutch company and renounced its U.S. citizenship in a paper transaction known as an inversion. Now the company is trying to thwart a hostile takeover bid and claims it is eligible for U.S. government intervention since it remains “a U.S. issuer under all of the formal and informal guidelines.”

anyone want to help fill in the profile for Council of Conservative Citizens, the white supremacist group that influenced Dylann Roof?

Through GalaxE, Timothy Bryan has created the “Outsource to Detroit” program. The initiative is creating an IT hub in Michigan.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan co-wrote an editorial with JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon emphasizing the importance of government-business partnerships in rebuilding cities.

After Michael B Hancock took a Comcast Corporation-paid trip to the Superbowl worth $40,000 he signed a letter in favor of Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Inc.

Sweet Briar College Currently experiencing controversy surrounding the Board's announcement that the College would close after the 2015 school year. Executives state that the college is in an unsolvable financial crisis, while advocates for the college (such as the nonprofit Saving Sweet Briar) claim that the college has mainly suffered from poor leadership over the past several years.

Top Fortune 500 companies in NYC
For information on Fortune's definition of revenue, types of companies included/excluded on the list, etc. see the drop-down note on "methodology" at

Barbara Byrd-Bennett Barbara Byrd-Bennett has resigned as chief executive of the Chicago Public Schools amid a federal investigation into a $20.5 million no-bid contract.

In a letter dated last week, Byrd-Bennett said she planned to step down Monday. She did not give any reasons for her decision.

Byrd-Bennett has been on paid leave since mid-April, when school officials released wide-ranging subpoenas from the federal investigation. Her paid leave was scheduled to end next week and she had not been expected to return to her post. Public Schools