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Jim McNitt

On the Golden Apple page, Jim McNitt lists his business as Jim McNitt & Associates. I can't find any such business. However, when Googling, Jim McNitt's name is associated with Chicago Growth Partners, as Director of Marketing:

Deborah Quazzo

Race to the Top shows that “peer pressure really works and incentives really work.” Quazzo was quoted as saying in a chapter on grantmaking for edtech projects.

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Deborah Quazzo

Did not abstain from 1st renewal of Wireless Generation contract in 2013: Education, Inc.

Forbes Top 50 Givers (2013) Not surprising that no names on this list new to LittleSis; a recent report shows that from 2006 to 2012, wealthy Americans have reduced their giving by 5%, the poorest Americans - with incomes of $25,000 or less - have increased theirs by 17%

New Schools Venture Fund
Tim Cawley

Tim Cawley was a judge at New Schools Venture Fund - Aspen Institute Summit on Education Innovation panel where Socrative was pitching their product.

Hi @c99x When adding info to a politician's page be sure to add employee/staff relationships as positions, not professional associations. More info: This is the edit I'm referencing: Let me know if you have any questions and keep up the excellent work!

@cassie Try this link

for the board of the Academy Global Citizenship...bios pop up as you click on the pictures!