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@HongPong any thoughts on where to start?

I am hoping to map out more of the high frequency trading and derivatives/market making world. It's pretty big right now in the market chaos, see

@WilliamMorgan Thanks for posting this. You might be interested in this map:

As he attacks teacher pensions, Bruce Rauner also makes money from them:

@galbraith You're right. I was being sloppy.

@cunctator I changed the DFA Holdings that contributed to Ben Carson's One Vote. I don't think it was the Dole Subsidiary, but rather an LLC owned by the other big One Vote donor David F Couch

Roger R Martella Jr on E&E TV saying Clean Power Plan is legally vulnerable.

Roger R Martella Jr worked at Bush EPA and he and Jeffrey Holmstead wrote the Murkowski amendment to gut EPA regs on CO2.

Roger R Martella Jr co-lead with Peter Glaser a group of about 30 corporate lawyers, coal lobbyists and Republican political strategists at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to devise a legal strategy for dismantling the EPA Clean Power Plan.

Peter Glaseron E&E TV February 4, 2015 explaining why states should "just say no" to the EPA Clean Power Plan.

Peter Glaser at 2013 closed-door ALEC Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force. Glaser encouraged state lawmakers and industry members to engage in "guerrilla warfare" against EPA to weaken carbon-pollution standards on power plants.

Peter Glaser at ALEC's 2010 National Policy Summit: EPA's Regulatory Assault: Higher Prices, Fewer Jobs and Less Energy