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Koch U
Leverage Science and the Universities
Brian Hooks, Adam Millsap, Diana Thomas and Jim Otteson, moderated by Ryan Stowers

Higher Ed Investment Session
John Hardin and Ryan Stowers

Jim McNitt

On the Golden Apple page, Jim McNitt lists his business as Jim McNitt & Associates. I can't find any such business. However, when Googling, Jim McNitt's name is associated with Chicago Growth Partners, as Director of Marketing:

Deborah Quazzo

Race to the Top shows that “peer pressure really works and incentives really work.” Quazzo was quoted as saying in a chapter on grantmaking for edtech projects.

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Deborah Quazzo

Did not abstain from 1st renewal of Wireless Generation contract in 2013: Education, Inc.

Forbes Top 50 Givers (2013) Not surprising that no names on this list new to LittleSis; a recent report shows that from 2006 to 2012, wealthy Americans have reduced their giving by 5%, the poorest Americans - with incomes of $25,000 or less - have increased theirs by 17%

New Schools Venture Fund
Tim Cawley

Tim Cawley was a judge at New Schools Venture Fund - Aspen Institute Summit on Education Innovation panel where Socrative was pitching their product.