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Analyst notes about HCIU Congressional staffers turned healthcare lobbyists

HCIU Congressional staffers turned health... Checking in to see how it's going. Even though the immediate deadline passed, I've been adding and updating Livingston Group profiles. My weekend work for the most part was trying to get a working start on indiv. profiles in terms of former staff and lobbyist history. Current employer and some transactions that I thought were viable. The plan was to complete the LG profile hopefully this week. I just wanted an OK from your end or if there's been a change in plans or a new direction let me know.


HCIU Congressional staffers turned health... the site is down again, just when I had my mojo goin. will get back to work manana ; )


HCIU Congressional staffers turned health... I have trimmed down the OpenSecrets list of registered lobbyists to just those w/ former govt jobs and who registered in 2009. Maybe a good place to look for additions to the HCIU list? But not sure what to do with it now, as there are 24K people +/- duplicates.


@MDMRO looks like you found a healthcare lobbyist. add him to the list of staffers-turned-lobbyists when you get the chance.

you can do that either from the list page or from the lower left of his profile page.

This is a list of ex-staffers to members of Congress who are currently lobbying on behalf of healthcare interests. This list is built and maintained by members of the Health Care Investigative Unit ... more »